Game description: Adamant:

Adamant – take command of a squad of heroes of different classes. Travel across different locations of the magic world and fight against dangerous monsters and other enemies. Go to meet exciting adventures waiting for you in this Android game. Take heroes across the forests, mountains and other locations. Visit dungeons through the portals. Defeat werewolves, robbers and other villains. Apply skills of different heroes and make use of the right tactics. Buy potions and excellent items of outfit, power up your squad. Take part in tournaments and duels.



Game description: Skyhill:

Skyhill – original project with absorbing gameplay from Mandragora Team. The game is set in the period after the end of World War III, where chemical weapons were used. All the population was affected by mutations, all except the main character of the game. He managed to survive by hiding in the most expensive hotel and now he needs to find a way out of it. Skyscraper it full of monsters, but ammunition and food are sorely lacking. Help the hero save his life!


Lost chronicles: Salem

Game description: Lost chronicles: Salem:

Lost chronicles: Salem – help a young girl who was accused of witchcraft escape the city. Rescue girl’s mom captured by the crazed villagers. In this game for Android you’ll experience a story about witch hunting in 1692 in the town of Salem. You’ll have to find a way to free the mother of the main heroine from prison. Walk through the streets of an old town. Meet and chat with the locals. Interact with the surrounding objects, look for clues and hidden objects that will help you in your difficult mission. Solve logic puzzles.


Fling monster: Defend planet ?

Game description: Fling monster: Defend planet ?:

Fling monster: Defend planet ? – help cute monsters defend the planet from the invasion of cunning astronauts. Shoot monsters from the catapult. Defeat astronauts and destroy their buildings in this game for Android. Astronauts landed on a distant planet and are mining crystals there. Funny monsters who inhabit this planet have to stop the aliens. Choose one of the monsters and shoot it out of the catapult. Calculate the trajectory to kick astronauts off the platforms and destroy buildings. Sets off destructive chain reactions.


Hide and seek: Story of Dorothy

Game description: Hide and seek: Story of Dorothy:

Hide and seek: Story of Dorothy – help the girl called Dorothy explore a huge and mysterious house full of danger and strange creatures. Dorothy, the main heroine of this Android game has fallen asleep in a closet during a game of hide and seek. When she woke up she realized that she lost memory. Help Dorothy go through rooms of a large house, each with a new puzzle, trap or unknown danger waiting for her. Pick up useful items, fight difficulties in the way and help Dorothy restore her memories.