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Soul blaze: Battle edition

Game description: Soul blaze: Battle edition:

Soul blaze: Battle edition – travel across the fantasy locations of an incredible world, fight against monsters and other opponents and gather loots. Go to find adventures in this Android game. Be ready to fight against monsters and bosses. Gain experience and trophies for victories. Level up your hero, master new combat abilities, buy weapons and items of outfit. Tame pets, which will become your faithful companions in the battles and adventures. Challenge players from all over the world and try yourself in single and team battles.


The sims: Mobile

Game description: The sims: Mobile:

The sims: Mobile – create a unique character, select his sex and appearance. Complete various tasks, make a career, communicate with friends and so on. In this Android game you can plunge into a virtual life of your hero. You are going to overcome many obstacles on the way to the top of a career ladder. You can choose your hobby, build your own house and furnish it to your liking. Arrange parties and invite friends to your house. Buy clothes and accessories for the character. Learn the history of your character’s family.


The order of the Holy Grail

Game description: The order of the Holy Grail:

The order of the Holy Grail – explore intricate dungeons full of different monsters and dark creatures. Defeat enemies and collect loot. Embark on a quest to find the Holy Grail in this game for Android. Create the unbeatable team of different knights and other heroes with unique combat skills. Get down into deep dungeons and fight skeletons, goblins, and other monsters. Look for ancient artifacts and useful items. Get your own collection of items that will improve your characters.


Last planet: Survival and craft

Game description: Last planet: Survival and craft:

Last planet: Survival and craft – try to survive on the deserted planet. Travel across beautiful locations, get food and useful resources. Reveal the secrets of a mysterious planet in this Android game. You will visit wild lands inhabited by various animals. Hunt different animals. Fight against predators. Build a safe house, craft tools and weapons. See what secrets are hidden behind high walls of a mystic maze. Find abandoned research stations and try to find the survived people. Get vaccine from a dangerous virus.


The rhythm of fighters

Game description: The rhythm of fighters:

The rhythm of fighters – fight your opponents using various kicks and combos. Follow the notes that appear on the screen and fight in the rhythm of music.