Daily Archives: July 4, 2019

Subway superhero run 2

Game description: Subway superhero run 2:

Subway superhero run 2 – guide the fearless superhero on through busy city streets, metro tunnels, and other dangerous tracks. Collect bonuses along the way. Get ready for extreme trials on slopes of this dynamic game for Android. Accelerate on your bike, tack in traffic, go around obstacles, jump on cars, do incredible jumps from ramps. Collect gold coins and various bonuses that will help you fly and do other dizzying stunts.


Robo defense

Game description: Robo defense:

Robo defense – create indestructible defenses in high-tech future war. Place different types of turrets and repel enemy attacks. Create whole fields of robotic turret mazes in this Android game. Destroy hordes of aggressors that want to capture your base. Earn money and upgrade your towers increasing their firepower. Enemy numbers and strength increases constantly, but your ability to upgrade is limitless. Hold out for as long as you can and get various achievements.


Dawn break: The flaming emperor

Game description: Dawn break: The flaming emperor:

Dawn break: The flaming emperor – travel across the fantasy world and fight against numerous monsters and bosses, threatening all living. Explore dangerous dungeons and other interesting locations of this Android game. Apply combat abilities of your character and destructive combos, which will let you defeat strong opponents. Get unique companions, who will fight together with you. Team up with friends to defeat powerful bosses and get rich trophies. Fight on the arena.


Zombie chess 2020

Game description: Zombie chess 2020:

Zombie chess 2020 – defend the city from the invasion of zombies. Place fighters of different types in the cells to stand on the way of zombies. Apply combat skills. Get ready for exciting battles against walking dead in this interesting Android game. Gather a squad of heroes of different classes having different weapons and parameters. Develop a strategy which will bring you victory in the battles against zombies. Apply different skills in critical situations. Get rewards for completed missions. Enlarge your squad with new fighters and develop them.


Blueseye fighters

Game description: Blueseye fighters:

Blueseye fighters – fly a space fighter and destroy many enemy spaceships. Use different weapons in battle. Guide your fighter through the galaxy in this Android game. Fight the fleet of interstellar space aggressors. Move your fighter around the screen dodging enemy shots. Lead continually fire your laser guns, rocket launchers, and other weapons installed on your ship. Unlock new space fighters with a unique design, armaments, and characteristics.