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Game description: Mysteryville:


Arka knights

Game description: Arka knights:

Arka knights – help a beautiful princess and unstoppable knights defend the kingdom from hordes of monsters. Shoot knights to make them ram and crush enemies. In this Android game you are going to cope with hordes of monsters approaching to a fortress wall. The princess is standing on the wall and sends knights to the battle. Knights move across the playing field fast, bounce obstacles, crash at enemies and destroy them. The princess can speed up the knights and help her warriors applying destructive spells. Increase number and power of the knights.



Game description: Blyss:

Blyss – remove dots from the tiles of the playing field on each of the levels. The more dots there are on the tile the more times you need to swipe it. Apply your logic to complete randomly generated levels of this Android game. You must clear all tiles from dots to complete the level. Swipe the tile to dicrease the number of dots on it. Try to think over your actions to clear the playing field as fast as possible and avoid getting to a deadend. Set records and surprise friends.


Minesweeper: Dungeon warrior

Game description: Minesweeper: Dungeon warrior:

Minesweeper: Dungeon warrior – take the hero across the dungeon full of monsters and traps. Think over each move to find monsters hiding in the darkness. This Android game combines and role play game and a classic puzzle. You can select among several heroes having different professions and skills. You will visit randomly generated dungeons full of dangers. Numbers in dungeon cells stand for number of monsters hiding nearby. Use this information to find hiding places of monsters to make the character destroy them.


Judge Dredd vs. Zombies

Game description: Judge Dredd vs. Zombies: