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Ice Age Village

Game description: Ice Age Village:


Battle time

Game description: Battle time:

Battle time – command your own army of different warriors. Choose the best general who will lead your army to new victories. Become a great general in the fantasy world of the game for Android. Attack enemy troops and capture castles. Control units of your army on the battlefield. Make one of the generals head your army. Each general has unique abilities and can turn the tide of any battle. Use your strategic talent and cunning tactics to defeat enemies.


Crystal hearts

Game description: Crystal hearts:

Crystal hearts – take part in the battles against monsters and explore the world. Complete interesting tasks, defeat enemies and get rewards. Gather a strong team of brave heroes of different classes in this Android game. Apply time slow down in the battles to take successful tactical decisions and apply skills of different characters. Crush giant bosses and other strong opponents. Get trophies and upgrade items of outfit of the heroes. Accumulate experience, develop your favorite characters and make them invincible.


Gun battle: Infantry division

Game description: Gun battle: Infantry division:

Gun battle: Infantry division – lead an army and defend the city from aggressors. Move forward, destroy enemies and help allies. Become an experienced soldier in this exciting Android game. You are going to fight against much more numerous enemy forces. Numerous enemies are armed with planes and other combat machinery. Control movement of the hero and shoot at approaching enemy. Apply various weapons to destroy different types of targets. Help allies and they will give you fire support.



Game description: Retroid: