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Mad zone

Game description: Mad zone:

Mad zone – create your own band of gangsters with superpowers. Fight the opposing gangs over territory. This Android game will take you to a crazy world ruled by different gangs. Become the king of the underworld and destroy the competition. Take skillful marksmen, powerful melee fighters, swordsmen, martial artists, and other gangsters into your gang. Defeat numerous enemies and fight criminal bosses. Get perfect outfits for the heroes and improve them.



Game description: iCube:


The nut job block puzzle

Game description: The nut job block puzzle:

The nut job block puzzle – drag colorful blocks of different shapes on the playing field. Make completed lines of blocks. In this Android game you will meet squirrels and other heroes of a popular cartoon. Complete logic tasks on different levels and gather a collection of many cute characters. Think over your moves and find the best place for each block. Horizontal and vertical lines completely filled with blocks will be removed and will bring your points. Surprise friends with your records!


Drag battle: Racing

Game description: Drag battle: Racing:

Drag battle: Racing – drive a fast sports car along a racing track, step on the gas, change gears in time, outrun rivals. In this dynamic Android game you can become a professional racer. Complete exciting missions and get prizes. Buy cars of different models. Tune cars, change their technical characteristics and design. Get sketches and unique spare parts. Develop skills of your character and defeat every time stronger rivals. Rush across a night city at crazy speed!



Game description: Noon:

Noon – tap the dial when the arrow moving on the screen tells it’s noon. Make no mistakes and set new records. Train your reflexes and develop mindfulness in this simple but addictive game for Android. It’s simple, tap the clock, when the arrow points to the mark. But be careful, gradually the number of clocks on the screen will increase, as will the speed of the arrow. Once you make a mistake, the game is over. You’ll need to practice a lot to get to the leading position in the rankings.