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Dash till puff 2

Game description: Dash till puff 2:

Dash till puff 2 – control a funny round hero speeding on through unique worlds full of various dangers. Rely on your reaction speed in this fun game for Android. Your task is to guide the hero as far as possible. The round can fly, roll, and jump. Use all these abilities. Move the hero up or down to avoid collisions with dangerous objects. Unlock new characters and change their appearance.


Pocket kingdom

Game description: Pocket kingdom:

Pocket kingdom – is a game for those who want to work hard on another task. You won’t feel bored with such tasks! The main editor of a famous newspaper has placed a rather unusual ad: he promises big reward for the photos of a mysterious island where god rests. According to the legend ancient gods left part of the oblivion and serenity charms on that island. Your hero has no right to refuse such offer as everything is paid… Well, go ahead to face adventures!



Game description: Vircities:

Vircities – try to head a virtual city. start your way as an ordinary citizen and gradually move to the top of the power.


The crossing dead

Game description: The crossing dead:

The crossing dead – help fun characters get as far as possible crossing roads, rivers, and other obstacles. Don’t forget about hordes of zombies roaming around. The aim of this Android game is to guide your character as far as possible avoiding many dangers on the way. Tap the screen to make the hero jump forward. Choose the right moment to cross roads, rivers, and so on. Avoid crushing into moving hazards and falling into water. Shoot zombies in your path. Set records. Unlock new characters.


Dig bombers: PvP multiplayer digging fight

Game description: Dig bombers: PvP multiplayer digging fight:

Dig bombers: PvP multiplayer digging fight – go down the dungeon, cut a way in the mountain with your pick axe, get treasures and blast competitors. You will play as a gold digger in this Android game. You have a pick axe at your disposal and with its help you can crash obstacles and travel under the ground. However, you need to be careful since other adventurers want to find gold as well. Place bombs to destroy opponents and destroy stone walls. Exchange the found treasures for new bombs having unique properties.