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Flippy race

Game description: Flippy race:

Flippy race – control a fast jetski and take it along interesting water tracks full of various obstacles and traps. Get ready for water race waiting for you in this Android game. Speed up your jetski to maximum. Move it to different sides to dodge obstacles and gather bonuses scattered across the track. Fly into the sky from trampolines, perform flips and other stunts which will bring you extra reward. Buy new vehicles with interesting features.


Stick and ball

Game description: Stick and ball:

Stick and ball – move the stick from which the ball is reflecting. Don’t let the ball fall down, avoid hitting triangles filling the screen. Show off your great reflexes and attentiveness in this simple but addictive game for Android. The aim of the game is simple – keep the ball on screen for as long as possible and get around as many triangles as you can. Slide your finger up or down to control the stick. Be careful, if the ball falls of hits a triangle the game’ll end.


Deadroad assault: Zombie game

Game description: Deadroad assault: Zombie game:

Deadroad assault: Zombie game – destroy hordes of zombies moving along the road and approaching your barricade. Shoot from machinegun and crush monsters. Plunge into crazy battles on the levels of this exciting Android game. Shoot non stop from a heavy machinegun. Use rockets and other powerful weapons to destroy walking deads. Prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Don’t let zombies get through your fortifications. Upgrade your weapons to destroy even more zombies and defeat huge bosses.


Fantasy clicker

Game description: Fantasy clicker:

Fantasy clicker – defend the world from the horde of scary monsters. Tap the monster as fast as you can to attack it and deal damage. In this game for Android you are entrusted with an important mission of defending against monsters. At your every step you’ll find a new monster threatening civilians. Show the speed of your fingers and try to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible. Find faithful companions who will join you. Defeat powerful bosses and get various equipment, weapons, and artifacts.


Bike Race Run in Racing Temple

Game description: Bike Race Run in Racing Temple: