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Counter terrorist battleground: FPS shooting game

Game description: Counter terrorist battleground: FPS shooting game:

Counter terrorist battleground: FPS shooting game – fight against terrorists and other dangerous opponents in various locations. Become a special squad fighter in this exciting Android game. You will experience dangerous combat missions on the boarder and in other corners of the world. Move from one covering to another to dodge enemy fire. Accurately shoot from a sniper rifle, machine-gun or other modern weapons. Interact with allies to win in hard situations. Destroy enemy combat machinery.


Escape Closed Train

Game description: Escape Closed Train:


Boxing street fighter 2015

Game description: Boxing street fighter 2015:

Boxing street fighter 2015 – fight in rings all over the world. Kick, block, knock out your opponent. Take part in an intense street boxing championship in this Android game. You can use only your hands and hit only the upper part of the body of your opponent. Choose one of 18 fighters and lead him to victory. Remember, that health and energy can’t be restored. That’s why you need to evade attacks and put blocks. Hit when you’re dead certain and try finish your opponent as quickly as possible.


Dodonpachi unlimited

Game description: Dodonpachi unlimited:

Dodonpachi unlimited – control a fantasy battle aircraft. Move the plane across the screen to dodge dangers. Shoot non stop. Get ready for exciting battles against numerous flying enemies and huge bosses on the levels of this Android game. Swipe the screen to complete unexpected maneuvers and dodge enemy fire. Shoot down planes of enemies and destroy other targets. Apply powerful bombs. Select among cute pilot girls each having unique abilities.


Gems witch legend

Game description: Gems witch legend:

Gems witch legend – swap shining jewels. Make lines of 3 and more identical jewels, blast them and get a reward. Start a magic journey together with a cute witch in this Android game. Apply magic skills and logic to sort out magic gems. Make long lines of same colored jewels. Enjoy bright blasts. Get useful bonuses which will help you make a chain of blasts and set a record. Unlock new levels.