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Spirit roots

Game description: Spirit roots:

Spirit roots – take the hero across various locations placed on several planets of the faraway stellar system. The hero of this Android game starts his way to rescue different worlds from total destruction. Interplanet war in this stellar system caused planet distribution and as a result they become not good for living. Take the hero across all planets. Help him cope with huge bosses and other enemies. Use jumps, overcome obstacles, apply weapons and hero’s abilities.


Horse hotel: Care for horses

Game description: Horse hotel: Care for horses:

Horse hotel: Care for horses – run your own hotel for horses. Take care of horses of different breeds, make their staying at your hotel comfortable. Take care of beautiful horses in this Android game. Clean horses, give them treats, take them for a walk. Remember that different breeds require different type of care. Train horses on the arena or on the obstacle zone to raise their characteristics. Play mini games and get nice prizes. Buy various upgrades and decorations for the hotel.


Top speed: Drag and fast racing experience

Game description: Top speed: Drag and fast racing experience:

Top speed: Drag and fast racing experience – take part in illegal street races. Overtake your opponents and get money for winning. Compete with members of different gangs and bosses of the criminal world in this game for Android. Shift gears in time and use nitro accelerator to achieve maximum speed and get ahead. Leave your rivals behind and win. Spend the money to upgrade and tune your cars. Buy new cars of different types, including sports and police cars.


Race killer zombie 3D 2018

Game description: Race killer zombie 3D 2018:

Race killer zombie 3D 2018 – get into a powerful car and rush across the post apocalypse world full of hordes of horrible zombies. Get ready for extreme drive in this Android game. Most of people turned into zombies as a result of a plague. You are going to destroy monsters with the help of your car. Step on the gas and speed up to maximum. Jump from trampolines, overcome steep hills, sharp turns and rough terrain. Ram zombies with a hard bumper of your car. Get rewards for completed missions.


Rotary defence

Game description: Rotary defence:

Rotary defence – move an energy shield around Earth’s orbit. Defend the humanity from the asteroid threat. Catch all the asteroids with the shield. Train your reaction speed in this dynamic game for Android. With one flick of a finger rotate the shield around the planet. Carefully watch space around the Earth. Asteroids may appear from any side and you need to be ready to repel it with a shield. Get useful bonuses and gains that will help you in difficult situations. Improve your skills and set new records.