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Bat hero: Legend rises

Game description: Bat hero: Legend rises:

Bat hero: Legend rises – help a fearless superhero bring order to a big city full of criminals and terrorists. Patrol the city streets and crush villains. The main hero of this Android game stepped on the path of struggle against evil. The city is sank in corruption and gang violence. Help the hero protect peaceful citizens from outrage of criminals. Take the hero along the streets and on the roofs. Attack villains and don’t let them commit robberies, murders and other crimes. Rescue citizens from fires and explosions. Defend the president from terrorists. Upgrade a unique suit of the superhero.


Gunship counter shooter 3D

Game description: Gunship counter shooter 3D:

Gunship counter shooter 3D – shoot your chain-gun mounted on the helicopter. The enemy is attacking your base and its defense depends on you!


Zombie forest HD: Survival

Game description: Zombie forest HD: Survival:

Zombie forest HD: Survival – defend your tree house from endless hordes of hungry zombies. Create barricades, gather a team of survived and stop the zombie apocalypse! Try to survive during the global zombie virus plague which happened in this Android game. Cities became not suitable for survival, but luckily, you have a tree house in the forest. However, zombies found you even in the thick forest! You managed to gather a team of fighters and to get necessary resources. Don’t be in dispair, build fortifications, craft weapons and destroy zombies.


Call of Mini Double Shot

Game description: Call of Mini Double Shot:



Game description: Interstellar:

Interstellar – take your space ship through unexplored depths of space. Set off into different stellar systems and avoid dangers of the universe. Become a space researcher in this game for Android. Explore stellar systems created by other players. Use the gravity field of stellar bodies and space tunnels in order to move from one star to another. Improve your starship. Avoid the traps of black holes. Create your own system with a star, planets, asteroid fields and other things. Invite your friends to explore your stellar system.