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Biowars: Blastor’s saga

Game description: Biowars: Blastor’s saga:

Biowars: Blastor’s saga – control a superhero fighting hordes of viruses and pathogenic bacteria inside human’s body. Get to the boss responsible for the spread of infection, and fight it. In this game for Android there’ll be many levels, in each you’ll fight hordes of different monsters. Move the crosshair around the screen directing your weapon. Use a variety of shelters to save the hero from retaliatory attacks. Upgrade your character.


Cursed coins

Game description: Cursed coins:

Cursed coins – help the four tomb raiders escape from an old graveyard and steal cursed gold. Fight against hordes of evil spirits applying abilities of the characters. In this Android game you are going to lead a squad of adventurers who want to steal cursed coins. Skeleton king and other bosses are extremely angry because of the gold theft. Apply abilities of each character in a creative way to destroy hordes of skeletons, zombies and other monsters. Level up your heroes, master new abilities and develop them. Defeat powerful bosses. Defeat powerful enemies and get rewards.


Kingdom defense: Hero legend TD

Game description: Kingdom defense: Hero legend TD:

Kingdom defense: Hero legend TD – defend your kingdom from neverending attacks of orcs, evil sorcerers and other dark creatures. Build towers on the way of your enemy! Demonstrate everybody your talent of a commander in this exciting Android game. Powers of evil surrounded the kingdom lands and only your actions will decide the destiny of your state. Place on the way of your enemy towers with archers, magicians and so on. Get rewards for destroyed enemies and upgrade your towers. Summon powerful heroes to the battle field and take command over them in the battles. Ask support of powerful gods.


Three defenders 2: Ranger

Game description: Three defenders 2: Ranger:

Three defenders 2: Ranger – help a brave archer defend the borders of the kingdom from horrible monsters. Destroy approaching enemies with arrows and spells. Defend the fortress wall from much more numerous enemy forces in this Android game. Monsters attack the castle one wave after another. The archer is on the high tower from where he can shoot at any enemy. Select the priorities to attack. Apply spells in the critical situations. Don’t let monsters destroy the wall. Buy powerful bows, master new skills and fortify the castle.


Gunstar heroes classic

Game description: Gunstar heroes classic:

Gunstar heroes classic – help the two superhero brothers rescue the world from the sinister empire, which develops super weapons in a huge orbital fortress. Red and Blue, the main heroes of this Android game, challenged the totalitarian empire, which wants to conquer the whole world. They penetrated the space base of the enemy and must destroy the den of villains. Control the heroes during the battles against numerous enemies. Combine weapons of different types to get incredible fire power. Defeat strong bosses. Surprise friends with your records!