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XON: Episode two

Game description: XON: Episode two:

XON: Episode two – explore mysterious environments and solve different puzzles. Solve mysteries of an ancient civilization in this Android game. Explore beautiful and unusual environment, investigate buildings and search for hidden objects. Try to solve logical puzzles and activate strange mechanisms. Sort out mazes of colorful pipes, connect them in the right way and figure out what they are for. If you like unusual puzzle games you’ll like this one.


Risky road by Ketchapp

Game description: Risky road by Ketchapp:

Risky road – guide a small truck with a gigantic egg along a difficult track. o as far as possible without loosing in. Show the speed of your fingers and your exact calculations in this simple but addictive game for Android. Tap the screen to increase the vehicle speed. Guide the truck along hills, suspension bridges, and other difficult sections of the road. Jump from ramps, jump along platforms, and go through loops. Take an egg as far as possible and set a record.


Crazy kitchen

Game description: Crazy kitchen:

Crazy kitchen – combine pieces of different culinary dishes to match them and get whole dishes. In this colorful Android game you need to connect segments of the same foods with one continuous line. The pieces then come together into a whole dish and you will be awarded points. Show your culinary skills creating a variety of culinary delights such as cakes, desserts, ice cream and much more. Use a variety of bonuses to get maximum points. Get together and play with your friends.


Ice shooter

Game description: Ice shooter:



Game description: Insectowar:

Insectowar – defend your planet from giant alien bugs. Destroy monsters, accurately shoot from various weapons. Upgrade your character. In this Android game you are going to stop alien invasion. Move your hero across various locations and lead non stop fire. Don’t let huge bugs get to the character. Maneuver in the battle field and use various shelters. Shoot from a machine gun, rocket launcher and other weapons. Buy various items of munitions, change the look and parameters of your hero.