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Maze: The mysterious disappearance of Mr. Lovecraft

Game description: Maze: The mysterious disappearance of Mr. Lovecraft:

Maze: The mysterious disappearance of Mr. Lovecraft – guide the hero through rooms of a mysterious mansion full of otherworldly creatures and secrets. The main hero of this game for Android is a famous writer HP Lovecraft. He got into a world of his own nightmares and is now looking for a way to freedom. Lead the hero through dark halls and gloomy corridors, where ominous shadow live. Examine all the rooms of the mysterious house and try to find keys that open the passage to the real world. Solve logic puzzles and help the writer escape from his nightmare.


Naughty Kitties

Game description: Naughty Kitties:


Pavo collection

Game description: Pavo collection:

Pavo collection – swap colorful objects, make lines from identical ones and get rewards and bonuses. Meet cute aliens, the heroes of this Android game. Explore the rooms of the old house together with them. Gather mystic artifacts, pieces of art and other rare objects kept in the house rooms. Rescue funny creatures who got into trouble. Demonstrate your logic abilities and observation skills, solve puzzles and match lines and columns on the playing field.


Dream city idols

Game description: Dream city idols:

Dream city idols – become a celebrity in a beautiful city. Complete various tasks, take part in a TV show, furnish your mansion, make new friends. In this merry Android game you can create a unique character, select his sex, appearance and clothes. You are going to make a show-business career, become a billionaire and enjoy a bright life of a celebrity. But it won’t be easy to become a star. You will have to participate in music competition and other shows, talk to fans and so on. Don’t forget to upgrade your home, grow pets and start a family.


Super dancer: Date your dream

Game description: Super dancer: Date your dream:

Super dancer: Date your dream – create a unique hero and learn how to dance. Dance to the most popular music, make friends, and talk to interesting people. Feel the music and dance to the rhythm of each new song in this game for Android. You can choose the appearance of your character, as well as constantly change it using clothes and accessories you bought. Enjoy great music, dance alone or with friends. Don’t miss your chance to find love. Go on dates to the sounds of great music.