Daily Archives: July 29, 2019

Paint hit

Game description: Paint hit:

Paint hit – shoot paint balls at the moving rings. Try to color the ring in one color completely and get a reward. Test your reflexes on the levels of this simple but exciting Android game. On the screen you will see moving rings and you will find painting balls in the lower part of it. Touch the screen to shoot a ball at the ring. Try to hit the unpainted sector in order to paint part of the ring. Don’t hit already painted sectors. Gather crystals which will bring you extra rewards.


Gravity duck islands

Game description: Gravity duck islands:

Gravity duck islands – take a fearless duck across the levels full of deadly traps. Change the gravity direction to make the hero dodge dangers. Use your reflexes and logic to overcome twisted levels of this exciting Android game. Tap the screen to hold the duck in the air. Take the character on the ceiling and walls changing the gravity. Travel across 4 islands each having unique features. Don’t forget to gather rubber ducks. You will need them to buy funny hats for the character.


Trump wall simulator

Game description: Trump wall simulator:

Trump wall simulator – take Donald Trump or another character along the Trump wall which is being built in front of your eyes. Tap the right buttons to perform successful jumps. Take the hero as far as possible along the Trump wall in this merry Android game. Wall sections have red or blue tops. You must tap buttons of the corresponding color to make the hero jump. The game will be over in case you make a mistake. Help Donald escape from angry Hillary. Unlock such characters as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Russian hacker or a mail server.


Supply mania hills

Game description: Supply mania hills:

Supply mania hills – deliver big generator to the remote radio station. The road before you is difficult and the weather is terrible.


Moto rider go: Highway traffic

Game description: Moto rider go: Highway traffic:

Moto rider go: Highway traffic – ride your powerful bike along busy tracks. Maneuver in the stream of vehicles and avoid accidents. Bring your dream to life and become the best biker in this Android game. Buy bikes of different models, having unique technical characeristics and design. Upgrade your bikes and change their looks. Rush along tracks day and night and in any weather. Complete dangerous outruns and various stunts to get extra rewards.