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Various guys

Game description: Various guys:

Various guys – take command over a small squad consisting of various guys. Defeat the squad of guys of your opponent and try to get to the enemy base. Colorful guys will fight on the levels of this Android game. There are bases belonging to you and your opponent in opposite sides of the level. Before the battle you can select color of characters you are going to command. Characters of different colors differ in their characteristics. Tap corresponding buttons to make guys appear and go towards the enemies.


Time of conquest: Turn based strategy

Game description: Time of conquest: Turn based strategy:

Time of conquest: Turn based strategy – lead a country and start a world war. Conquer different lands to increase your combat and economic power. Try yourself as a ruler and a commander in this Android game. Transfer to the near futute where the world is seized by the global war. At the beginning of the game lands have economy proportional to their population. You can develop economy joining other lands to your empire. Gather an army equipped with modern machinery. Make alliances with other lands. Seize enemy capitals.


World hockey manager

Game description: World hockey manager:

World hockey manager – lead a hockey team, take part in the championships and reach the top place in the rating. Become the best sports manager in the world! Take your team to success in this exciting Android game. Buy promising hockey players. Develop a training program to raise characteristics of the players of your team. Apply different hockey strategies in the matches against numerous opponents. Make contracts with sponsors. Build an ice stadium and other constructions at the training base of your team.


Tower up

Game description: Tower up:

Tower up – try to build an incredibly high tower. Lower the falling blocks one on top of another and add floors to your tower. Develop your reaction speed and attentiveness in this fun Android game. Building blocks, each representing a floor of the tower, are slowly falling from above. Your task is to place them as carefully as you can. If you’re careless, the block will be unstable, the tower will fall down and the game will be over. Make your tower go into space!



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