Daily Archives: August 2, 2019

Bridge hero

Game description: Bridge hero:

Bridge hero – help the funny hero get to one little island to the other. Touch the screen to create a bridge between islands. Improve the speed of your reaction in this fun game for Android. Your goal is simple, guide the hero as far as possible. The bridge will grow for as long as you touch the screen. The hero will automatically go over the bridge. If the bridge is too short or too long, the hero falls. Don’t let the hero fall into the water or the game will end. Get awards and unlock all the characters.


Boardtastic Skateboarding

Game description: Boardtastic Skateboarding:


Scooter X

Game description: Scooter X:

Scooter X – ride a scooter across the skate park completing various stunts and avoiding falling. Speed up your scooter to incredible speed. Get ready for extreme challenges in this dynamic Android game. Swipe the screen to speed up your scooter, brake, complete stunts and turns. Try to speed up as good as possible to complete ramp jumps, jump onto rails, over steps and make other stunts. Buy various scooters, unlock new locations, enjoy your ride.


Goon squad

Game description: Goon squad:

Goon squad – lead your own gang and fight against competitive gangs. Defend your base, seize enemy territories, power up your gang. Get to the top of the criminal world and become a real mafia godfather in this exciting Android game. Lead a small gang. Win battles against numerous opponents, get rewards, increase your rating, recruit new gang members. Power up your fighters and use their unique skills in the battles. Challenge your friends and fight against them.


Tiki Toki Toy Machine

Game description: Tiki Toki Toy Machine: