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Train station: The game on rails

Game description: Train station: The game on rails:

Train station: The game on rails – control your own railroad station. Create your own collection of unique locomotives. Build a huge transport empire in this exciting game for Android. Make trade routes, use a variety of trains for passengers, mail, and cargo. Develop your railway station and upgrade roads. Buy a variety of engines, from ancient locomotives to modern magnetic trains. Become the most successful railroad magnate in the world.


Alien Invade

Game description: Alien Invade:


Endless night

Game description: Endless night:

Endless night – explore the world, fight against enemies and get resources to stay alive as long as possible. This game is designed specially for survival fans. In it you will have to stay alive as long as possible, existing exclusively at night. The world is plunged into the endless night, and scary hungry creatures are waiting for you everywhere and want to kill you and eat you. You need to hold on as long as possible, getting food and resources. But in addition to this, you also need to arrange housing and get good weapons. Try to live during the endless night at least a few days.


Turbo toys racing

Game description: Turbo toys racing:

Turbo toys racing – drive a toy vehicle along tracks in different parts of the house. Overtake your opponents and explode them using weapons. Take part in a dynamic races on toy cars in this game for Android. The tracks go through kitchen, attic, and other rooms of the house. Go forward at full speed around pieces of furniture, toys, and other obstacles on the way. Get to the finish line first no matter the cost. If a competitor overtook you, blow them up with missile or machine gun fire. Upgrade your cars.


Road riot

Game description: Road riot:

Road riot – take a futuristic car along the track. Apply various weapons to clear the way out of rivals and obstacles. Take part in the deadly race on the tracks of this Android game. You are going to drive a car at a high speed as well as shoot back at your rivals. Apply guns, lasers, selfaimed missiles and other systems of weapons. Upgrade your car with the help of armor and other modules. Defeat tank bosses and other opponents. Complete dangerous missions, raise your rating and get rewards.