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Dandy dungeon

Game description: Dandy dungeon:

Dandy dungeon – take the hero through twisted dungeons. Draw a way along which the character will move. Apply various power-ups and objects. The main hero of this Android game is a man who is creating his own game sitting in his apartment during lonely evenings. In this game he is a brave hero crushing monsters and rescuing a beautiful princess. You must help the hero in his adventures. The character will automatically move along the drawn way and fight against enemies. You must apply skills and artifacts in time.


Slash of sword: Arena and fights

Game description: Slash of sword: Arena and fights:

Slash of sword: Arena and fights – take part in gladiator fights and crush opponents . Improve your skills of fighting with a sword and become a legend. Explore the medieval world in this exciting Android game. Meet local citizens, find merchants and masters, who will help you improve armor and weapons of the character. Take part in 1×1 fights against strong fighters. Win and get rewards. Unlock new kinds of swords and outfit. Train, master new skills and maneuvers, try to defeat 10 enemies alone.



Game description: 1849:

1849 – a simulator of management of a city in the Wild West at the time of a gold-rush.


V for Vampire

Game description: V for Vampire:


Zombie Frontier

Game description: Zombie Frontier: