Daily Archives: August 6, 2019

Pixel guardians: 3D pixel

Game description: Pixel guardians: 3D pixel:

Pixel guardians: 3D pixel – tap the screen maximum fast and defeat various opponents. Unblock bright locations and unique characters. In this Android game you will experience unforgettable journey together with cute heroes. Enlarge the collection of your heroes among which you will find animations characters, historical figures and so on. Travel across various epochs and defeat strong bosses. Your characters can fight automatically and increase their level. Besides, you can challenge other players and fight against them on the arena.


Happy farm

Game description: Happy farm:

Happy farm – create and develop your wonderful farm. Grow different fruits, vegetables and cattle. Sell your harvest and buy decorations for your farm. Build your farm and grow flowers, vegetables and farm animals. Sell your products an the nearest town. With the money you get you can buy items to decorate your farm.


Space frontiers: Dawn of Mars

Game description: Space frontiers: Dawn of Mars:

Space frontiers: Dawn of Mars – control a Mars colony. Explore various regions of the red planet to find useful resources, complete scientific missions. In this Android game you are going to colonize Mars. Select among various regions of the planet which differ in landscape and climate. Construct residential modules for colonists, greenhouses and other necessary constructions. Drive rovers and other vehicles. Get various useful resources from inside. Hire scientists, engineers and other personnel. Expand and upgrade your colony.


Neo monsters: Dragon trainer

Game description: Neo monsters: Dragon trainer:

Neo monsters: Dragon trainer – travel across a fantasy world looking for monsters. Catch monsters, and train them to turn them into furious fighters. In this Android game your aim is to become the best monster trainer. You have a ranch at your disposal where you can train the monsters you found. Team up your monsters and try your squad in the battles against various opponents. Think over the composition of your team carefully as some of the monsters can make each other stronger. Increase your rating.


Flint adventure 2018: Newest idle game

Game description: Flint adventure 2018: Newest idle game:

Flint adventure 2018: Newest idle game – lead a tribe of cavemen. Gather abd lead heroes and monsters. Fight against numerous enemies. This exciting Android game will take you to the prehistorical era. Try to survive in the mystic world inhabited by various monsters and ancient people. Tame monsters, hire heroes and gather an invincible team. Buy for your fighters items of outfit and weapons to raise characteristics of your characters as well as your chances to win. Fight on the arena and join alliances.