Daily Archives: August 8, 2019

Beat rider: Retrowave race

Game description: Beat rider: Retrowave race:

Beat rider: Retrowave race – drive a car moving along the winding road. Overcome sharp turns, dodge laser rays and other dangers. Become the best street racer in the stylish world of this Android game, imbued with the atmosphere of the 80s. Run along the track, leaving a luminous trail behind. Enjoy dynamic music and keep a close eye on the road to prevent your car from colliding with obstacles. Set records and win prizes for racing through the streets of a futuristic metropolis. Buy cars of different models.


Dawn rising: The end of darkness

Game description: Dawn rising: The end of darkness:

Dawn rising: The end of darkness – explore a fantasy world full of miracles and dangers. Fight against monsters and get treasures. In this Android game you will take part in the battles against demons and other strong opponents. Cut your enemies with a sword, shoot at them from your bow and apply different spells. Crush enemies, defend local inhabitants and get a worthy reward for each completed mission. Buy weapons, armor, suits, wings, pets and other useful objects for your character. Communicate with your friends via chat.


Diagonal hell

Game description: Diagonal hell:

Diagonal hell – fly along a twisted route at crazy speed. Tap the screen in time to make turns and dodge obstacles. Start an endless journey across crazy levels of this simple but engrossing Android game. Test your reflexes and attentiveness during a crazy flight. Dodge triangle obstacles as long as possible. Train, increase difficulty level and rush forward at crazy speed. Set records and gather a collection of achievements.


Tap flight: Beyond tail

Game description: Tap flight: Beyond tail:

Tap flight: Beyond tail – take command over a squadron of helicopters or battle planes. Take aircrafts into the battle and destroy various enemies. Get ready for exciting air battles waiting for you in this Android game. Tap the screen of your device to aim guns at the target and shoot at planes and zeppelins of your enemy. Drop devastating bombs and destroy ground targets. Get rewards for completed missions and buy new planes. Cover a way from a beplane to a jet battle plane.


Candy ball

Game description: Candy ball:

Candy ball – control a system of ropes that hold the candy. Get the candy to the top of the screen to the funny hero. In this Android game you need to thug the ends of the rope with the candy. Move the candy up, but be careful, different bugs are running around the screen. If they touch the candy the game is over. You can slow down enemies for a time by tapping them. Be careful and get the candy to the goal as fast as possible