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Defense legend 3: Future war

Game description: Defense legend 3: Future war:

Defense legend 3: Future war – control a space ship, build automatic turrets on the planet surface and reflect attacks of dark powers. Take part in the exciting battles of the war of future in this Android game. An insidious enemy accumulates powers to deliver an unexpected attack to the mankind. Join the lines of the space fleet and take your ship forward. Apply unique equipment to build turrets and towers. Fortify positions and destroy approaching enemy machinery. Apply ship weapons in critical situations.


Rage of the seven seas

Game description: Rage of the seven seas:

Rage of the seven seas – sail stormy ocean waters on your ship. Explore the uncharted lands, find hidden treasure, and fight sea battles. Become a famous pirate in this exciting game for Android. Start your journey on a small raft, get money and the right resources, build a huge sailing ship with powerful weapons. Hire a crew of famous explorers and legendary pirates like Blackbeard and Magellan. Learn a variety of skills you can use in battle. Plunder other pirate ships.


The wanderer: Legacy of Hezarfen

Game description: The wanderer: Legacy of Hezarfen:

The wanderer: Legacy of Hezarfen – control a brave hero running along the streets of Istanbul. Help him overcome all obstacles on the way to the target and rescue the world. The main hero of this Android game must stop a villain, who dreams to get power over the world. For this you must take the hero along the maze of narrow streets full of obstacles. Move the running character to the sides to make him dodge obstacles. Swipe the screen to make the hero jump over barriers or slide under them. Gather coins, jetpacks and so on.


Da Vinci Mystery

Game description: Da Vinci Mystery:


Vault raider: Roguelike dungeon crawler

Game description: Vault raider: Roguelike dungeon crawler:

Vault raider: Roguelike dungeon crawler – take a dwarf across dangerous dungeons. Help a bearded hero find food, treasures and useful objects. Dwarf, the main hero of this Android game, starts an underground journey. Take him forward across the dungeons made of tiles. Each tile contains an enemy, food, weapon, upgrade or trap. You must select the best way for the hero to make the dwarf get food supplies, find weapons and improve his attack abilities before meeting the monsters. Find the way to the next dungeon.