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City island 3: Building sim

Game description: City island 3: Building sim:

City island 3: Building sim – build towns and villages on exotic islands of a tropical archipelago. Construct different buildings and improve them. Create a tropical paradise for residents of your city in this Android game. Build residential areas and commercial facilities. To attract residents to your town you have to build parks and entertainment centers, develop infrastructure, build new railways and roads, etc. The more residents you have and the happier they are, the more gold for the development of your town you’ll get.


Wings: Remastered edition

Game description: Wings: Remastered edition:


Epic raiders

Game description: Epic raiders:

Epic raiders – control a powerful hero, team up with faithful allies, explore deadly dangerous dungeons and defeat evil bosses. Overcome evil hiding in the shadows in this Android game. Fight against demons, mythic monsters and huge predators. Apply magic or fighting skills. Defeat powerful opponents together with friends. Tame and develop pets who will support you in the battles. Test yourself in the arena battles, defeat players from all over the world, increase your rating.



Game description: AB:

AB – use different elements placed on the screen. to get A to B. Move geometric objects around the screen and use gravity. Train your logic and imagination in this addictive game for Android. Your task is simple at first glance. Ensure that the small ball A reaches the ball B. Tap the screen to make ball A jump, but keep in mind that gravity affects it. Move on the play field a variety of objects and use them to do task and unlock the next level.


Emperor’s dice

Game description: Emperor’s dice:

Emperor’s dice – roll the dice on the screen. Move the piece with your hero according to the number on the dice. Defeat enemies. This original Android game will take you to the Three Kingdoms era. You can choose one of legendary heroes and help him win and rule over the Three Kingdoms. Depending on the tile your piece stops you’ll get bonuses or loose your advantage. The result depends on the dice and the strategy you choose.