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Space journey

Game description: Space journey:

Space journey – make yourself comfortable in a pilot’s chair of a fast spaceship. Hold a steering wheel stronger and rush across wonderful corners of space. Become an experienced space traveller in this Android game. Rush through the galaxy faster than light. Visit various stellar systems. Watch the surroundings carefully, fly your ship through the asteroid belts, fly around beautiful planets, maneuver among space stations and other artificial objects. Complete hard maneuvers. Unlock new ships.


Left-right: The mansion

Game description: Left-right: The mansion:

Left-right: The mansion – help the boy find his dog lost in a mysterious mansion. Take the hero across many rooms of the old house. Billy, the main hero of this exciting Android game, got into an abandoned house. He must go through all rooms of the mansion to set free and find his dog. On each of the levels Billy must choose one of two available doors. Help him make the right choice. Trust your memory and logic abilities. Stay away from monsters hiding behind some of the doors.


Space legends: Edge of universe

Game description: Space legends: Edge of universe:

Space legends: Edge of universe – help two space explorers reveal the mysteries of underdeveloped planet which stuck in the Middle Ages. The heroes of this Android game evacuated from a dying space station. They appeared in the medieval world hiding many secrets. Explore a medieval city, mysterious caves, corridors of the space station and other unusual locations. Gather various objects and solve puzzles, for instance, make pictures of fragments. Help local people and complete their tasks.


Knife flip

Game description: Knife flip:

Knife flip – flip sharp knives at the target with one move of your finger. Hit various targets, don’t miss and get prizes and rewards. Test your accuracy in this simple but exciting Android game. Become a professional flipper of knives or other cold weapons such as axes, halberds and others. Swipe the screen of your device to perform a flip. Aim at apples and other fixed and movable targets. Train and set records. Buy new knives and unlock new levels.


Bunny line

Game description: Bunny line:

Bunny line – connect identical candies or fruits with lines. Blast such chains, earn points, get power-ups and prizes. Help bunnies and other cute characters of this Android game defend their village from sly monsters. Find identical sweets on the playing field and make chains of 3 and more of such objects. These chains will disappear and funny characters will get energy needed to fight against monsters. Complete certain tasks on each of the levels, unlock new levels and heroes.