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Wild West craft: Exploration

Game description: Wild West craft: Exploration:

Wild West craft: Exploration – build your own city in the Wild West. Participate in fire exchange with dangerous bandits and sly red men. Feel how it’s like to be a real conquerer of the Wild West in this exciting Android game. Get on the horse and ride across endless savannahs. Be ready to meet coyote, bisons and other animals. Become a brave sheriff or a lucky bandit. Build a saloon, a bank, a jail and other buildings in your small town. Unlock new types of blocks and build new objects.


Demolition Master 3d. Holidays

Game description: Demolition Master 3d. Holidays:


Extreme racing: Big truck 3D

Game description: Extreme racing: Big truck 3D:

Extreme racing: Big truck 3D – drive your powerfull all-wheel drive truck through difficult levels full of various obstacles and traps. Use all your driving skills in this game for Android. Jump over the trampolines in your car, rotate your car in the air. Avoid dangerous traps such as glowing avalanche. In case the car gets into a trap you will need to start the level from the very begining. To enter the next level you need to get 3 stars for completing the previous level. Upgrade your truck and use different bonuses.



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Tap galaxy: Deep space mine

Game description: Tap galaxy: Deep space mine:

Tap galaxy: Deep space mine – tap the screen as fast as possible to get valuable resources on different planet. Build your own space empire in this simple but addictive game for Android. Start your journey as a space miner on a small planet. Collect valuable resources, build spaceships, and explore the vastness of the universe. Find new planets, asteroids, and comets rich with minerals. Collect more resources and develop your own space fleet and heroes.