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Slide cube!

Game description: Slide cube!:

Slide cube! – move a yellow cube across the playing field. Push purple cubes and make completed lines from them to make them disappear. Gather bonuses. Demonstrate logic and creative thinking in this interesting Android game. You can move a cube vertically and horizontally. Your cube can push purple cubes making lines from them. You will see new cubes appearing in the free cells of the playing field. That’s why you must think over your moves in order not to come to a dead end. Pick up small cubes to get playing points.


Survival diary

Game description: Survival diary:

Survival diary – take a team of fearless heroes across deadly dangerous locations of the post apocalypse world. Collect useful resources and rescue mankind. This Android game will take you to the world ruined by a global disaster. Supplies of water, food and other vitable resources are limited. Radiation and biological danger are waiting for the survived outside their shelters. Take brave explorers and warriors forward. Fight against mutants and other opponents. Gather trophies and find resources needed to survive. Power up heroes.


War of mercenaries

Game description: War of mercenaries:



Game description: Vovu:

Vovu – move small circle according to the scheme made of neat lines. Turn some scheme elements to make a way for the circle. Develop your logic and creative thinking completing levels of this engrossing Android game. Think over your moves and don’t hurry as there are no time limits in the game. Reveal the secret of each level and solve a logic puzzle. Train any time and be ready that the tasks will gradually grow harder. Change the theme of the playing board to your liking.


Reborn of fantasy

Game description: Reborn of fantasy:

Reborn of fantasy – start a journey across the bright locations of a fantasy world. Fight against the dark powers and defeat strong monsters. Get ready for incredible adventures waiting for you in this Android game. Use the strong sides and unique abilities of different heroes in the battles against monsters and powerful bosses. Tame pets, which will help you on the battle field. Get treasures and rewards for completed tasks. Buy armor, weapons and other useful objects for the characters. Fight on the arenas.