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Zombie Road Trip

Game description: Zombie Road Trip:


Enviro-bear 2010

Game description: Enviro-bear 2010:

Enviro-bear 2010 – help a funny and a bit crazy bear collect as many tasty food as possible and get fat before hibernation. Bear, the hero of this game for Android, goes in search of food. He sits behind the wheel of a car because vehicle helps find more food. Help the bear drive through the forest. Avoid obstacles, collect fish and berries. Throw away brazen raccoons, skunks, and other animals. Use various objects in the cabin. Gide the hero in its den.


Brain it on! Physics puzzles

Game description: Brain it on! Physics puzzles:

Brain it on! Physics puzzles – solve various puzzles. Do tasks drawing various objects on the screen and interacting with them. Use your wits and logic to find solutions to exciting challenges in this game for Android. Each task can be done in different ways. Touch the screen and draw a stone, lever, platform, or any other object that you may need to solve the problem. Use your imagination and find the best way to solve puzzles. Compete with your friends.


Rider: Space bike racing game online

Game description: Rider: Space bike racing game online:

Rider: Space bike racing game online – jump onto your futuristic sports bike and take part in bike racing on different planets. Start your journey across various planets of the galaxy in this dynamic Android game. On each of the planet you will find new racing tracks full of various obstacles and traps. Speed up your fantastic bike to maximum, perform breathtaking jumps from trampolines, overcome track loops, use lifts and try not to crash on the way to finish.


Bubble bubble

Game description: Bubble bubble:

Bubble bubble – shoot different bubbles from the cannon at the bottom of the screen. Match groups of same bubbles to blow them up. Destroy hundreds of colorful bubbles and enjoy special effects in this Android game. New bubbles appear on top of the screen replacing the destroyed ones. Try to shoot so as to blow up as many bubbles as possible at the same time. This allows you to get various bonuses that will help you complete the levels more quickly and earn more points.