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Zombie: City defense

Game description: Zombie: City defense:

Zombie: City defense – save the humanity and protect the world from hordes of bloodthirsty monsters. In this Android game you’ll need to think through your strategy and tactics of dealing with dangerous monsters. Build solid defense and protect different cities. Form an army with different units and military vehicles. The units you choose affect your tactics. Complete different missions and save the survivors. Destroy zombies using different weapons from shotguns and machine guns to tanks and multiple rocket launchers.


Letters from Nowhere 2

Game description: Letters from Nowhere 2:


Paranormal escape 2

Game description: Paranormal escape 2:

Paranormal escape 2 – investigate mysterious happenings and a chain of strange murders. Search for clues and hidden objects, solve puzzles. Together with a special agent explore all the rooms of a mysterious house in this game for Android. Find out the cause of paranormal activity in the building. Go down into the gloomy basement, walk through all the rooms, and go up to the attic. Each room will have new logic puzzles and hidden objects to find. Unravel ancient secrets. Beware of ghosts.


Green acres: Farm time

Game description: Green acres: Farm time:

Green acres: Farm time – explore the delights of rural life in Your cozy farm. Grow different agricultural plants and animals. Trade with the habitants of nearby cities.


Yo-kai watch wibble wobble

Game description: Yo-kai watch wibble wobble:

Yo-kai watch wibble wobble – little yo-kai figures fill the playing field. Join them to make them blast and damage opponent. Travel across an incredible world of this Android game. Many yo-kais live in that world and you can see them thanks to the power of magic clock. Fight against yo-kais to make friends with them after victory. Swipe the face of the magic clock trying to join maximum identical figures with one line. Apply soul attacks. Add new yo-kais to your collection.