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Galaxy invaders

Game description: Galaxy invaders:

Galaxy invaders – fly a fast spaceship across endless galaxy avoiding different dangers. Become a space ace in this addictive game for Android. Explore distant star systems, move your ship forward at full speed. Dodge asteroids, comets, and other celestial bodies. Beware of vicious aliens. Use energy shield and a powerful weapon to protect your ship. Improve various systems of your vehicle, buy new ships.


Pixel painter: Drawing online

Game description: Pixel painter: Drawing online:

Pixel painter: Drawing online – create paintings with certain theme. Use various artist’s tools. Win competitions. Demonstrate your painting skills completing tasks in this wonderful Android game. Each task is represented by a certain word which gives the theme for your painting. Come to the canvas and paint using such tools as a pencil, eraser, geometrical figures and so on. You can vote for the paintings of all competition participants to choose a winner.


Flip your boss

Game description: Flip your boss:

Flip your boss – push an annoyting boss from the roof or throw him out of the window. Watch the fast flight of the boss to the ground and get rewards. You can cope with an angry boss in this Android game. Did the Boss step to the roof edge carelessly or near the big window? This is your chance! Throw a showel, a box with tools or other object you can find at the boss. The boss will fall out of the window will start his flight which will last until he faces a pavement. Original falling and stunts will give you an extra reward.


Meteor guns

Game description: Meteor guns:

Meteor guns – destroy meteors and asteroids that can be dangerous for our planet. Go through a cloud of asteroids firing all your guns. Become the best meteor hunter in this addictive game for Android. Be careful and precise, accurately fire lasers and other fantastic weapons destroying multi-ton blocks of stone. Try not to hurt friendly ships. Some meteorites can become invisible, don’t miss them. Fight the final boss, who will try to destroy you with all means available.


Run In Crowd

Game description: Run In Crowd: