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Fairy legends: Flipped heart

Game description: Fairy legends: Flipped heart:

Fairy legends: Flipped heart – guide the hero through amazing adventures in a fantastic world full of different monsters and amazing creatures. Travel the vast world of this game for Android performing a variety of tasks. Find the lost treasures, explore dungeons, fight wild animals and terrible monsters. Get experience for completing tasks and improve your character. Learn new skills. Gather the necessary materials, create weapons for your hero, and improve it. Play with your friends.


Super hyper ball 2

Game description: Super hyper ball 2:

Super hyper ball 2 – return the ball with the help of a moving platform. Direct the ball to the target to get playing points, break blocks and defeat bosses. This merry Android game is a combination of pinball and arcanoid. Your task is to hold the ball on the playing table. Move the platform and return the ball in time. Do not let the ball fall. Destroy block constructions with the help of the ball. Try to collect maximum power-ups appearing on the playing table. Fight against strong bosses, set records.


Air tycoon 4

Game description: Air tycoon 4:

Air tycoon 4 – manage your own airline, Send planes to different corners of the planet. Transport passengers and various cargoes. Build an air transport empire in this game for Android. Organize air travel on the most favorable transport routes. Build new airports in different cities around the world. Buy planes of different models to work on different lines. Compete with rivals for the most profitable contracts. Make profits and improve your business. Turn a small airline into the world’s leading airline.


Guardians of the Homeland

Game description: Guardians of the Homeland:

Guardians of the Homeland – construct a super powerful space ship of the galaxy. Defend your home planet from aggressors. Explore the universe spaces. Start your way as a regular pilot and become a ruler of your own star empire in this engrossing Andropid game. Control your space ship in the battles against enemy fleets. Discover new planets and release them from invaders. Get useful resources, make scientific research, upgrade your space fleet. Team up with your friends, attack planets of other players.


Dr. Panda’s bus driver: Christmas

Game description: Dr. Panda’s bus driver: Christmas:

Dr. Panda’s bus driver: Christmas – drive Dr. Panda’s holiday bus. Drive along snowy tracks, admire picturesque winter landscapes. Drive the Christmas bus along its path and pick up fun passengers like bears, deer, squirrels, and other animals at stops. The world is randomly generated each time you start the game, so you’ll not be bored playing this fun Android game. Children will enjoy simple controls, Christmas spirit, and bright bus and funny characters of this game.