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Game description: Ruya:

Ruya – travel across Ruya’s dreams and rescue cute characters, who got into a trap. Swap characters and make lines. This Android game will take you to the world of dreams and memories of Ruya. Decorate Ruya with flowers and remove them at the end of each level. Move cute characters. Make groups of several characters of the same type to free them and complete a task. Each touch of the screen will add new colors to the fantastic world. Discover new worlds with new memories and puzzles waiting for you there.


Samurai vs Zombies Defense

Game description: Samurai vs Zombies Defense:


Rise of armies: World war 2

Game description: Rise of armies: World war 2:

Rise of armies: World war 2 – take a strong army into the battle and take part in historical battles of the World War Two. Leave a mark in history! Feel what it’s like to be a real general in this exciting Android game. Examine the battle fields from different angles, take well-considered tactical decisions, outwit your enemy. Take command over infantry, tanks and other types of troops. Ask for the aviation support of allies. Break the enemy defense and get a thumping victory. Upgrade weapons of your army and unlock new types of fighting units.


Car racing 3D: High on fuel

Game description: Car racing 3D: High on fuel:

Car racing 3D: High on fuel – get behind a wheel of a powerful sports car and take part in street races with strong opponents.


Pet world: Wildlife Africa

Game description: Pet world: Wildlife Africa:

Pet world: Wildlife Africa – run an African nursery. Place exotic animals in large cages. Take care of health and comfort of your pets. In this Android game you are going to play as a veterinary and nursery administrator. Your task is to take care of ill animals, cure them and find new owners for every pet. Place elephants, lions, zebras and other animals on the territory of your park. Make diagnostics and develop a treatment course for each pet. Select appropriate food for all animals. Decorate open air cages.