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Jurassic shooter 3D

Game description: Jurassic shooter 3D:

Jurassic shooter 3D – wade through dense prehistoric jungle and hunt hug dinos. Accurately shoot your powerful rifle. This game for Android will take you to the distant past of our planet. Try to survive in Jurassic period jungle. Creep up to tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptors, and other prehistoric reptiles. Find targets in the crosshair and pull the trigger. Try to hit the monster in the head to kill with one shot. Scroll through the locations and don’t let the predators get to you.


Angry warlord: The rhino guardian

Game description: Angry warlord: The rhino guardian:

Angry warlord: The rhino guardian – take a fearless knight forward. He rides a rhino and rushes forward dodging obstacles and crushing enemies. Start a long journey together with the hero of this Android game. The brave hero is good at riding, however he does not need a horse. He can ride a rhino! The rhino rushes at a crazy speed. Tap the screen in time to make the rhino jump over enemies and obstacles. Pick up power-ups and apply unique skills to make the rhino smash obstacles and enemies from the way.


Shards of magic

Game description: Shards of magic:

Shards of magic – head a party of fearless heroes and explore a huge world. Collect shards of magic so the evil Lord of the Abyss doesn’t get them. Fight powerful demon and his servants in this game for Android. Do exciting missions with gradually increasing difficulty. Enrich your squad with new heroes, each with unique abilities. Form the best team from your favorite characters. Join a guild with your friends and defeat the strongest bosses together. Compete with other players on the arena.


City sniper fire: Modern shooting

Game description: City sniper fire: Modern shooting:

City sniper fire: Modern shooting – clear a big modern city from numerous enemies with the help of your sniper rifle and accurate shooting. Become an elite sniper in this Android game. Sustain training to upgrade your shooting skills. Challenge terrorists and criminal bosses. Take a convenient shooting position on the building roof or in other matching place. Apply an optical sight, find your target and pull the trigger. Eliminate targets and get rewards. Buy new rifles and upgrade them.


Commando war fury action

Game description: Commando war fury action:

Commando war fury action – guide a special forces soldier through many fights with dangerous enemies. Do difficult battle missions in different parts of the planet. Feel like a soldier of an elite unit in this game for Android. Penetrate enemy bases in missions in the mountains, snowy areas, and other uninhabited locations. You have to be attentive to be the first to detect your enemy. Shoot to kill, carefully taking aim. Use a variety of pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, and other firearms.