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Move fever

Game description: Move fever:

Move fever – tap corresponding keys and change character’s posture so as he can successfully slide through the silhouette in the moving wall. In this merry Android game you will become a participant of an insane TV show. Your hero is on the stage, and a wall with a cut silhouette slowly approaches him. You must change the posture of upper and lower parts of body of the character. This will let the hero have a posture needed to go through the wall. Don’t let the wall crash at the character and get a reward. Enlarge your collection of heroes.


Epic ninja game

Game description: Epic ninja game:

Epic ninja game – guide an agile ninja through diverse levels with deadly traps, dangerous situations and strong enemies. Go on an adventure together with a ninja who has an incredible ability to jump. Jump from platform to platform over deadly traps, like sharp spears, rotating fans, lasers, and so on. There are lots of worlds with different enemies, from ghosts and dragons to robots. At the end of each level of this Android game you’ll encounter a strong boss.



Game description: Prisonela:

Prisonela – help the hero survive in a deadly dangerous prison where each room is full of traps and almost impassable obstacles. Get ready for crazy adventures on exciting levels of this Android game. Help the character set free and gather all valuable coins on the way. This won’t be easy as on each of the levels the hero will face sharp thorns, swaying blades, acid puddles and many other traps. One wrong move will cause the character’s death. Be attentive and select the right moment to move.


Space rabbits in space

Game description: Space rabbits in space:

Space rabbits in space – take a space rabbit across the levels full of dangers. Direct the hero to the target with a light motion of your finger and make him perform stunts. Reflect the attack of a space sweet smuggler in this exciting Android game. Take the rabbit hero forward. Swipe the screen to make the rabbit jump over deadly traps, climb walls, swing on ropes and perform other stunts. Save golden coins, which you will need to unblock new characters and buy various suits and boosters.


Fun kid racing: Tropical isle

Game description: Fun kid racing: Tropical isle:

Fun kid racing: Tropical isle – ride a boat, scooter, surfing board, and other floating devices. Move your boat along a eater track and collect bonuses. Immerse into an atmosphere of fun summer holidays in this game for Android. Speed along the scenic coast on a speedboat or a scooter. Glide on waves, bounce into the air from ramps, and perform other dizzying stunts. Collect bananas and other useful items floating in the sea. Unlock new transport. This colorful game is sure to please children of different ages.