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Game description: Hardcode:

Hardcode – complete exiting missions participaing in dynamic fire exchange. Run across twisted locations full of various obstacles. Plunge into bright world of this exciting Android game. Watch the surroundings carefully and try not to get into traps. Shoot back at numerous enemies. Jump and complete other actions in time which will help your character avoid enemy fire and other dangers. Complete single missions or play with other players from all over the world.



Game description: Catgo:

Catgo – take a cute hero along the winding mazes full of various dangers and enemies. Think over each step of yours in order to win. Get ready for exciting adventures waiting for you in the mazes of this Android game. Move the hero along the maze step by step. Predict opponents’ actions, avoid traps and try to get to the exit. Demonstrate your inventiveness and imagination when making your own mazes. Other players from all over the world will try to overcome them. Enlarge your collection of characters.


Life is a game

Game description: Life is a game:

Life is a game – take the hero through his life from the moment of birth to the moment of death. The hero is running forward and you must gather various bonuses and make choice in the key moments. Meet a character of this Android game just after his birth. Take the hero forward, gather toys and other objects on the way. Watch your hero growing. Tap the screen to make him jump and catch balls, notes and other objects. Press the choice key to make the character take important decisions such as choosing a future wife. Hero’s life development depends on your actions.


The incorruptibles

Game description: The incorruptibles:

The incorruptibles – create a party of legendary heroes and defend your kingdom from the forces of evil. Defend kingdom’s boundaries, defeat enemy hordes and improve your heroes. Make your kingdom thrive in this game for Android. Get a variety of resources and produce new weapons, equipment, and other items. Protect villages and the cities from the invading enemy forces. Control the hero and allies on the battlefield, specify priority targets, use unique skills. Unlock new heroes and improve your small army.


LEGO DC mighty micros

Game description: LEGO DC mighty micros:

LEGO DC mighty micros – speed through the street of the megalopolis driving a fantastic car. Become a superhero or a supervillain and overtake all your opponents. In this dynamic game for Android you’ll meet your favorite comic book characters like Batman and others. Get behind the wheel speed a fast car and do different missions. Chase the baddies if you are a hero, or escape from the chase as the villain. Collect various bonuses and things along the way. Unlock new characters and unique vehicles. Improve your own secret base.