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Secrets of the Earth

Game description: Secrets of the Earth:

Secrets of the Earth – take a treasure hunter across various locations. Use a metal detector to find gold. Reflect attacks of insidious enemies. John, the main hero of this Android game, found his first treasure in childhood. Since then he had no doubts as for his future career. John became a scientist, an ancient objects expert and a great gold hunter. Help John complete orders of collectors from all over the world. Find treasures in the ruins of ancient civilizations and in other historical places. Eliminate bandits and competitors.


Nautilus escape

Game description: Nautilus escape:

Nautilus escape – there was an accident and mutiny on a submarine. You need to explore the submarine and find a way to escape it.


The final station

Game description: The final station:

The final station – drive the last train across a postapocalypse world. Stop at the stations, fight against zombies, guard passengers. In this Android game you are going to drive a train carrying the last survived people across the world destroyed by a horrible plague. You must watch the passengers and help them in time. Get out of the train at the stations and explore them looking for fuel, weapons and other useful resources. But be ready to face new crowds of infected people who will try to kill you and get to the passengers.


Adventures of J

Game description: Adventures of J:

Adventures of J – help a clever hero overcome a variety of traps and escape from the criminals. Solve logic puzzles and collect useful items. Get ready for a thrilling adventure with Jack and his dog Jimmy, the heroes of this game for Android. Jack and Jimmy need to stop sinister plans of three suspicious men. Help heroes get out of locked rooms, follow criminals, collect clues and items that will help you do various tasks. Open locks, make images out of fragments, etc.


Jailbreak escape: Stickman’s challenge

Game description: Jailbreak escape: Stickman’s challenge:

Jailbreak escape: Stickman’s challenge – help a stickman commit a daring escape from jail, outwit watchful guards. Become an escape master in this exciting Android game. Find a safe way for the hero and help him overcome various barriers. Control the character’s actions, make him climb the walls and complete other stunts. Attack guards with the help of powerful hits character can apply. Get a gun which will help the hero defeat police and set free.