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Smart escape games

Game description: Smart escape games:

Smart escape games – help a jelly cubic hero find the way out of hard situations. Solve various logic tasks to unlock new levels. Demonstrate creative thinking and excellent logic abilities on the levels of this Android game. Each level will set a new task. It depends on your smart whether you can solve it. A funny character wants to set free and your aim is to take the hero through all challenges. You are going to match objects, manipulate different things and so on.


Amaranthine voyage: The tree of life

Game description: Amaranthine voyage: The tree of life:

Amaranthine: Tree of life – use an ancient artifact to enter a fantastic world and go searching for adventure. Search for different objects and solve puzzles. In this exciting game for Android you’re on a mysterious island where your airship crashed. Explore mysterious buildings and ancient temples hidden in dense jungle. Look for a lot of useful objects that will help you complete interesting tasks. Use your logic to solve puzzles. Visit all corners of the island and discover the mystery of the mythical tree of life.


Spider Secret of Bryce Manor

Game description: Spider Secret of Bryce Manor:


Zombie terminator: D edition

Game description: Zombie terminator: D edition:

Zombie terminator: D edition – guide the hero through many locations full of bloodthirsty zombies. Kill the monsters with various weapons and superpowers. In this exciting Android game you are in a world where a terrible virus broke free, turning almost everyone into zombies. Choose one of three characters, each with unique abilities and weapons. Help the hero survive many dangers and fierce battles with monsters. Find the goddess kidnapped by the villains and save her from her prison.


Slugterra: Guardian force

Game description: Slugterra: Guardian force:

Slugterra: Guardian force – get through the twisted caves full of numerous enemies together with a team of courageous heroes and amazing slugs. Demonstrate you strategy and tactics skills leading your squad in this Android game. Clear the twisted underground mazes from monsters threatening peaceful citizens. Find the source of a mysterious illness, which came on Slugterra citizens. Move the soldiers of your squad across the battlefield, think over every move of yours and apply unique abilities of the heroes in the best order to make combo.