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True fear: Forsaken souls. Part 2

Game description: True fear: Forsaken souls. Part 2:

True fear: Forsaken souls. Part 2 – help the heroine survive a night in the old mental hospital and learn gloomy mysteries of the past. Holly Stonehouse, the main heroine of this Android game, carries out an investigation to find out the reason of weird events happenning in her life. The investigation takes her to the abandoned hospital which comes back to life at night. Help Holly avoid numerous dangers, gather evidence, old photos and other clues. Learn whether the heroine’s mother was insane. Solve logic puzzles.


Flippy skate

Game description: Flippy skate:

Flippy skate – perform breathtaking stunts in your skateboard. Take your skate every time farther along the endless and hard track. Get ready for extreme challenges on the tracks of this Android game. Speed up in your skate and fly up from trampolines. Tap the screen of your device and hold the finger so as the skate can turn in the air. Stop turning in time to land successfully and start conquering new heights. Gather crystals and bonuses on the way and set new records.


Zone Z

Game description: Zone Z:

Zone Z – survive in the post apocalypse world with bloodthirsty zombies, insidious devastators and other dangerous enemies walking around. Fight against monsters. Zombie virus plague turned the world of this Android game into ruins. You are one of few survived people. Find a safe shelter or build it by yourself. Get food and other resources. Upgrade your base and craft different items of outfit. Enlarge your squad with other survived. Fight against players from all over the world in the battles for territories. Communicate with friends via chat.


Become a game developer

Game description: Become a game developer:

Become a game developer – make a program code and create interesting games which will attract many users, bring you fame and big money. Change your life in this Android game. Forget about boring days and become a game developer. Bring your dreams to life. Create games, upgrade and promote them, please users and get rewards. Spend the earned money for buying real estate and upgrading equipment. You can create high quality games only if you improve your development studio.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts mystery

Game description: Harry Potter: Hogwarts mystery:

Harry Potter: Hogwarts mystery – get a long waited letter from Hogwarts and go to study at a famous school of magic! This story started several years before the adventures of Harry Potter. In this Android game, the sorting hat will send you to one of four faculties of Hogwarts where you can find new friends and meet opponents. Study magic under the supervision of famous professors such as Snape, McGonagall and others. Make potions and train spells. Explore all corners of the castle and learn its mysteries.