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Waking Mars

Game description: Waking Mars:


Cat run

Game description: Cat run:

Cat run – take a cute cat across different rooms of a big house and other locations. Pick up bonuses on the way, avoid angry dogs and destroy obstacles. Plunge into a merry atmosphere of a cat’s life on the tracks of this Android game. Take the cat forward, tap the screen in time to make the cat avoid meeting dogs and dodge obstacles. Destroy different objects to get extra rewards. Unlock various breeds of cats such as Persian, Siamese, etc. Set records on each track and surprise friends.


Go space

Game description: Go space:

Go space – control a rocket flying every time higher leaving the Earth surface. Dodge various obstacles on the way to space. Conquer space in this exciting Android game. Tap buttons to activate rocket accelerators. Keep power balance so as your space ship does not loose its course and does not wreck. Stay away from clouds, thunder clouds and star showers which are dangerous for different systems of the ship. Try to reach maximum height and set a new record.


Read only memories: Type-M

Game description: Read only memories: Type-M:

Read only memories: Type-M – carry out an investigation about the disappearance of your friend. Join efforts with an intelligent robot to reveal secrets of the big city. This Android game will take you to the year of 2064 to Neo-San-Francisco. Technologies developed greately and resulted in creation of artificial intelligence. You are an independent journalist and you want to find out the truth and reveal the dark secrets hiding behind the sparkling face of the city of future. Travel across the big city and talk to different characters. Make decisions, which will influence the plot development.


Good dogs!

Game description: Good dogs!:

Good dogs! – control a dog running on the park grass. Help a four pawed friend dodge different obstacles on the way and pick up tasty bones. Go for a walk together with your dog in this merry Android game. As you know, all dogs love running. Help your dog run as far as possible. Direct the dog to the safe way in time in order to avoid crashes against trees, benches, passers-by and bikers. Set records, unlock new dogs, change their color, buy different suits for your pets.