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Happy seasons: Match and farm

Game description: Happy seasons: Match and farm:

Happy seasons: Match and farm – swap vegetables, fruits and other objects. Make lines of 3 and more objects of the same type. Start a journey across the incredible islands of this Android game. You will find a new farm on each island. Rescue rabbits, who got into trouble, drive caterpillars out of the fields and complete other tasks. Make long lines from identical fruits and vegetables in order to get various power-ups and bonuses. Gather necessary resources to upgrade and develop your wonderful farm.


Road racing: Traffic driving

Game description: Road racing: Traffic driving:

Road racing: Traffic driving – rush along busy highway in your racing car. Avoid crushes with other vehicles and pick coins on your way. Become the best racer on the tracks of this dynamic Android game. Step on the gas and speed up your car. Outrun your rivals and don’t crush against oncoming cars. Be careful and don’t let the police catch you. Escape from police cars and helicopters. Pick power-ups and coins. Buy new powerful cars, upgrade them and paint them as you like. Increase your rating.


Hurry up

Game description: Hurry up:

Hurry up – play as a serving robot with water abstructing him. Get as high as possible avoiding touching water. You will play as a robot that serves a station. This station is gradually flooded, and you are not able to stand the water. So you’ll have to be smart and go up the station as high as possible before the water reaches you. To do this, you will need to use your mechanic skills and regular smarts. Try to stay alive as long as possible.



Game description: Simplest:

Simplest – carefully look the water level and tap the screen when the water gets between 2 parallel logs. Choose the right moment to tap. In this game for Android success depends on your attentiveness and the speed of your fingers. The water gradually rises higher and higher and hides in the clouds. There’s 2 lines in the sky and you need to calculate the time when you think the water level gets between two logs. Tap the screen at that moment, so that the water goes down. Try not to make mistakes for as long as possible and set records.


The 7D: Mine train

Game description: The 7D: Mine train:

The 7D: Mine train – help 7 jolly dwarves, the heroes of a popular movie, ride around the mine on funny carts. In this Android game you find out that dwarves are not only working in mines, but they also know how to have fun. Each dwarf has his favorite vehicle on which he rides through the mine. This may be, for example, a bath or a bed on wheels. Control the dwarf, guide him along the track full of steep ascents and descents. Collect jewels and different bonuses on the way.