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Steal the Meal Unblock Puzzle

Game description: Steal the Meal Unblock Puzzle:


Lineage 2: Dark legacy

Game description: Lineage 2: Dark legacy:

Lineage 2: Dark legacy – gather a squad of mercenaries and fight to rescue the kingdom. Struggle against monsters and other opponents. Get ready for epic battles and exciting adventures waiting for you in this Android game. Destroy hordes of various monsters to get loots and valuable experience. Enlarge your squad with mercenaries having unique skills. Develop your unique tactics of the battle and defeat strong bosses. Build and defend your caste. Team up with friends and attack castles of other players.


Real strategy: Fire

Game description: Real strategy: Fire:

Real strategy: Fire – take part in a global military conflict. Build a base and defend it from enemies. Do different battle missions. Show the whole world your strategy and tactics talent on the battlefields of this game for Android. Construct buildings for different purposes on your base. Place defensive towers and turrets. Create a powerful army of tanks, aircraft, and military robots. Lead your troops into battle and attack bases of other players to seize valuable loot. Learn new tech and improve your army.


House of magic

Game description: House of magic:


Sybil: Castle of death

Game description: Sybil: Castle of death:

Sybil: Castle of death – protect a gloomy castle from adventure hunters, treasure hunters and other heroes. Place traps and rule the monsters. Step on the evil side in this Android game. Hold the heroes who got into a castle and don’t let them reach the last hall where the tomb of the castle owner is located. Place sharp spears, disc saws, water traps and other barriers on the way of the heroes. Free monsters which can destroy your opponents. Apply black magic to kill your enemies.