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Stickman and gun 2

Game description: Stickman and gun 2:

Stickman and gun 2 – help the hero survive fighting hordes of different monsters that attack you from two sides. Shoot the oncoming enemies. In this game for Android you can choose orc, elf, or human to be your hero. Play as a gunner, archer, mage, or thief. Each class and each race has its own strengths and weaknesses. Move the hero through locations from side to side. Don’t let the monsters get close. Shoot them from guns or bows, use spells. Buy weapons and other equipment.


Cubanoid: Hardcore puzzle maze

Game description: Cubanoid: Hardcore puzzle maze:

Cubanoid: Hardcore puzzle maze – roll a cube along the 3D maze full of various traps and obstacles. Find the way out as soon as possible! In this Android game you will direct a rolling ball with finger taps. Watch the road and the surrounding obects carefully. You must select the right moment to move in order to avoid shots of turrets, fire balls and other dangers. Don’t drop the cube into the gap and don’t sink it in the burning lava. Move boxes onto the buttons to activate them. Turn the world to find the new way.


Quest 4 fuel

Game description: Quest 4 fuel:

Quest 4 fuel – gather your own gang and drive along the roads of the post apocalypse world, fight against enemies, get fuel and other resources. In this Android game you will travel across the deserted lands looking for endless fuel. Gather a squad consisting of many unique characters and vehicles. Make use of strong sides of different heroes in the battles against numerous opponents. Get rich rewards for victories. Complete campaign missions, get prizes and new heroes. Challenge other players and fight on the arena.


Tap defenders

Game description: Tap defenders:

Tap defenders – summon powerful heroes and defend the kingdom from endless hordes of various monsters. Deliver power of magic to the enemies! Become a defender of the kingdom in this Android game. Powers of evil threaten peaceful citizens. Go down the mysterious dungeons and stop the invasion of monsters. Gather an invincible squad of different heroes each having his strong and weak sides. Different heroes will be efficient in the battles against certain types of monsters. Get rewards for victories. Develop heroes and buy outfit and weapons.


Empire VS Orcs

Game description: Empire VS Orcs: