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Cliff Diving 3D

Game description: Cliff Diving 3D:


Legend of Abhimanyu

Game description: Legend of Abhimanyu:

Legend of Abhimanyu – help a young warrior fight against powerful enemies and destroy enemy combat formations with the help of your itelligence and unique fighting skills. This Android game is based on the legend of Abhimanyu, one of the heroes of ancient Indian legend Mahabharat. A young hero has to fight against a huge enemy army lead by powerful warriors alone. Help Abhimanyu cope with the challenge and defeat enemies with the help of the power of elements and invincible combat formation. Control a chariot of the hero, shoot from a bow, cut your enemies with a sword.


Total crash racing

Game description: Total crash racing:

Total crash racing – drive a powerful car and take part in a deadly race on the arena. Overtake cars of your opponents and destroy them. Get behind the wheel of a fast car and step on the gas in this game for Android. Go around various barriers on the track, jump over hills and use ramps. Ram cars for your opponents and try to destroy them completely. Dodge incoming attacks. Win competitions and get rewards that you can spend on new cars and improving them.


Canada’s organic tractor farming simulator 2018

Game description: Canada’s organic tractor farming simulator 2018:

Canada’s organic tractor farming simulator 2018 – drive a tractor and other agricultural machinery to work on the fields of your farm. Plunge into a life of a farmer in this Android game. You will plough fields and sew them with different plants such as wheat or rice. Don’t forget to water shoots in order to get good harvest. Take care of cows and other animals. Modern machinery will help you cope with all these tasks. Control a tractor with different equipment, a truck or a harvester.


Truck simulator: City

Game description: Truck simulator: City:

Truck simulator: City – control a huge truck and drive it on a variety of roads. Do delivery, parking, and other tasks. Become a professional truck driver in this absorbing Android game. Get in the driver’s seat and step on the gas to move the multi-ton vehicle. Follow the directions on the map in the upper left corner of the screen. Park the truck in the correct places. Pick up a variety of cargo, transport it through the city streets and country roads. Avoid collisions with obstacles.