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Firejumpers: Sandbox

Game description: Firejumpers: Sandbox:

Firejumpers: Sandbox – is a unique fire simulator. You need to put out fire on the tropic island alone or together with your friends. Feel what it’s like to be a hero since you need to put out furious fire on the deserted island. You can put out the fire alone as well as join the game in the multiplayer mode together with friends. There are no points, bonuses and upgrades here. There is only one thing important: put out fire as fast as possible. The main thing is to cooperate with others, otherwise it will be impossible to put out the fire that gradually destroys the island.


Sea on fire: Submarine wars

Game description: Sea on fire: Submarine wars:

Sea on fire: Submarine wars – take part in sea battles as a captain of a submarine. Deploy torpedoes at targets and destroy enemies. Feel like a professional military sailor in this exciting game for Android. Move your submarine onward, explore the depths of the ocean in search of enemies and sunken treasure. Keep an eye on the sonar screen that shows near targets. Aim your torpedo, make the necessary adjustments, and release the torpedo. Sink enemy ships to the bottom.



Game description: ArcherCat:


Chouchou: Puzzle adventure

Game description: Chouchou: Puzzle adventure:

Chouchou: Puzzle adventure – guide the funny chicken through difficult levels. Guide the hero along the screen full of different elements. The protagonist of this game for Android needs to climb the holy mountain and release the sacred animals that are under the influence of the forces of evil. The hero hoes through the playing field made up of square tiles with different objects and enemies. Swap the hero and items in the tiles to match same elements. Fight various monsters. Upgrade equipment for your character.


Death and beyond

Game description: Death and beyond:

Death and beyond – forget about your usual worlds where you need to save the main hero. Here you need to find a way to die to get further. Solve a lot of puzzles on each level. Each time hero is in an unfamiliar room, and the only way out is death. But the world is too calm, it’s not so easy to go to the other side. In most games you need to overcome obstacles, but why jump over the lava if you can swim in it?