Daily Archives: September 5, 2019

Blast blitz

Game description: Blast blitz:

Blast blitz – destroy all enemies looking for you in the mazes. Use hand made bombs! Drop bombs, explode bombs! Make your way in the endless maze full of enemies and dangers! Destroy walls making new passages. Use bonuses to become stronger. Your task is to stay in the maze and remain safe and sound. Your task will be even more interesting with new enemies and obstacles. Become the king of this maze!


Infected zone

Game description: Infected zone:

Infected zone – try to survive in a big city seized by zombie apocalypse. Explore the city, gather resources, avoid zombies and raiders. In this Android game you will get into a gloomy world seized by a plague of deadly virus turning people into zombies. Use limited resources to survive. Turn your home into impregnable fortress. Craft weapons and other needed objects. Solve logic tasks and puzzles. Each character has a unique story and your actions will effect the game ending.


Curse Breakers: Paranormal

Game description: Curse Breakers: Paranormal:


Armpit hero: King of hell

Game description: Armpit hero: King of hell:

Armpit hero: King of hell – help a team of 2 demonic heroes destroy hordes of evil demons and other monsters. Defeat huge bosses. Get ready for an endless run through the underworld in this fun game for Android. Use destructive spells and other skills to kill enemies on the way. Hurry, because you have a limited amount of time to kill bosses. Improve and level up your heroes. Call unique demons to help you. Defeat other players and get rewards.


Biker mice from Mars

Game description: Biker mice from Mars:

Biker mice from Mars – take fearless biker mice along Chicago streets. Ride a bike along busy tracks, dodge crashes and destroy barriers. In this exciting Android game you will meet heroes of a popular cartoon of 1990-s again. Select one of three characters each having unique appearance, abilities and a bike. Take your favorite hero along the streets full of various vehicles. Make the hero perform jumps and other stunts. Help bike mice defeat Limburger and his servants.