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Game description: Astrokings:

Astrokings – build a strong space fleet and take part in the war of a galaxy scale. Defend your planets from enemies and develop them. Become a king of the interstellar empire in this exciting Android game. Raise your planet from ruins, explore space and get rare resources. Build industrial enterprises and develop economy. Choose political system and other features of your state. Build space ships of different classes. Take your fleet in the battle against pirates, aliens and other players. Make alliances.


Spin safari

Game description: Spin safari:


Time cube: Stage 2

Game description: Time cube: Stage 2:

Time cube: Stage 2 – guide the hexagonal object flying through space full of many moving objects. In this game for Android you’ll control local time and guide your hexagon through all the traps. Object is moving with constant speed. Touch the sides of the screen to affect the time and the speed of the obstacles. Tap left to slow down the barriers, or tap right make the obstacles move faster.


Rescue quest

Game description: Rescue quest:

Rescue quest – help 2 mages fight the evil magic and save the magical creatures in trouble. Match rows of jewels to create a path for the heroes. Do the important mission overcoming intricate levels of this game for Android. Match rows of 3 or more same gems to blow them up and clear the way for the hero. Guide your character to the exit to the next level and unlock prisoner cells. Defeat huge spiders, evil yeti, and other monsters, use your logic and different spells.


Nirvana: Game of life

Game description: Nirvana: Game of life:

Nirvana: Game of life – take a lonely wandering soul through many kinds of regenesis and help it reach nirvana. Take life changing decisions. You and the hero of this Android game will live many lives. The soul travels from one body to another and you can become a superhero, a regular man, a criminal and so on. In the key moments of your life you can choose from several variants of actions just swiping the screen. Each choice has consequences. Watch the four main indicators of the character to support his life.