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Tricky tube

Game description: Tricky tube:

Tricky tube – control movement of a ball rolling along the endless tube. Move the ball from one side to another to avoid crashes. Test the speed of your reaction in this dynamic Android game. The ball is rolling automatically. Your task is to take the ball as far as possible along the tube. This won’t be that easy since you will face obstacles of different shape and size on the way. The obstacles may be moving as well as stable. Watch the road and roll the ball on the tube walls. Unlock new balls.


Ninja hero: The super battle

Game description: Ninja hero: The super battle:

Ninja hero: The super battle – guide the brave ninja through many battles with various enemies waiting for him on his way through dangerous levels. Help the hero of this Android game free his mother, help in prison by the evil ruler. Use your knowledge of the ancient ninja martial arts to progress through levels filled with traps and crowds of enemies. Help the hero overcome all obstacles on the way to the goal. Be careful and remember that the difficulty gradually increases through levels.


Portal balls

Game description: Portal balls:

Portal balls – interact with various objects on the level. Move energy balls, collect crystals, and use portals. Embark on a fascinating journey through fantastic levels of this Android game. To complete a level you need to get to the white portal. It’s not that easy. Use your logic, spatial imagination, and excellent reflexes. Use balls and other objects to get to the level exit. Collect crystals that will help you skip difficult levels.


Casters of Kalderon

Game description: Casters of Kalderon:


Super monsters ate my condo!

Game description: Super monsters ate my condo!:

Super monsters ate my condo! – make the huge monsters eat needless floors of a skyscraper. Make groups from 3 and more identical floors to join them. Get ready to meet giant monsters eating apartments in a skyscrapers in this Android game. Complete merry tasks and get rewards for this. Remove spare blocks from the tower to make groups of identical floors and create new types of blocks. Unblock new monsters having unique appearance and abilities. Set records and surprise friends with your achievements.