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Game description: Pixescape:

Pixescape – control a fast space fighter moving at insane speed. Avoid crushing into asteroids and other hazards. The aim of this dynamic Android game is to hold out for as long as possible in dangerous space. Move your ship around the screen, dodge the moving rocks or destroy them firing your laser gun. Collect various bonuses and power-ups. Your ship has 4 types of weapons and an energy shield. Show your piloting skill and set records.


Concrete jungle

Game description: Concrete jungle:

Concrete jungle – absorbing puzzle city builder by Cole Jefferies. Interesting combination of a board game and collectible card strategy. You have a deck of cards that you’ll use to place buildings. Player decisions determine the development of the city. Sometimes you’ll have to give up a beautiful high-rise buildings for people safety or create a park to delight the local population. Solve topical issues and improve the living conditions of citizens.


Roaming Fortress

Game description: Roaming Fortress:


Heroes story

Game description: Heroes story:

Heroes story – lead a squad of fearless heroes and fight against powers of evil. Control each of the heroes in the battle and apply skills of the characters. Help little heroes free their home land from dark powers in this Android game. Take heroes into the battle, control them with one tap of your finger. Tap corresponding buttons to apply fighting skills and spells. Destroy enemy warriors and crash sinister statues. Develop your city to increase number of your heroes. Upgrade characters, sell and buy heroes.


Synthetic Z

Game description: Synthetic Z:

Synthetic Z – clear the screen from different letters. Tap blocks with letters to destroy them. Turn one letter into other to complete tasks. Demonstrate your intelligence and logic abilities in this original Android game. Just touch the selected letters in the right order. Groups of identical letters will merge and make single blocks with new letters. New letters will appear on the screen gradually. Try to destroy all letters including letter Z to get a reward and set a new record.