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Infinite smash: Block breaking duo

Game description: Infinite smash: Block breaking duo:

Infinite smash: Block breaking duo – crush an endless flow of blocks falling from the UFO. Tap the screen to make one hero jump up and destroy a block. In this game for Android you need to break as many ice blocks as possible. You control two characters standing side by side. Tap right or left side of the screen to make the corresponding hero jump. Be careful when choosing the character to jump, you can only break ice blocks and if the hero hits a stone block the game ends.


Digimon heroes!

Game description: Digimon heroes!:

Digimon Heroes! – create a collection of cards with different monsters, each with unique parameters and abilities.


Robocon quest

Game description: Robocon quest:

Robocon quest – swipe the screen and draw a route for the robot. Remember that the robot must gather all boxes with presents at a minimum time. Demonstrate your logic skills and creative thinking in this Android game. On each of the levels you will find a playing field of a unique form with several boxes scattered across it. Your robot must gather boxes and bring them to the right bunker. You must think over the route to make the robot complete the task as fast as possible. Number of boxes and robots will grow as you complete levels.



Game description: Outwitters:

Outwitters – addictive turn-based strategy with interesting gameplay and a variety of cute creatures. The main objective of the game is to destroy the enemy and their base. For each turn you have a certain number of actions that you can use to attack, move, create another hero, or any special action. In addition, each hero is unique and has specific characteristics, and the playing field has barracks and a range of additional actions.


Little lords of twilight

Game description: Little lords of twilight:

Little lords of twilight – lead a team of incredible creatures and heroes. Fight against enemies day and night, apply unique abilities of characters. Demonstrate your tactics and strategy talent in engrossing turn-based battles of this Android game. Fight in incredible locations of a fantasy world where day and night are directly connected with good and evil. Your heroes will change depending on time of day, getting new sets of skills and characteristics. Take this feature into account, defeat opponents, use magic.