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Game of flying: Cruise ship 3D

Game description: Game of flying: Cruise ship 3D:

Game of flying: Cruise ship 3D – control a unique flying yacht. Cross the sea or fly high into the sky and sail among the clouds. Become a sailor and a pilot at the same time in this Android game. Control a fast boat or snow white yacht. Take off and complete risky maneuvers in the sky. Carry passengers and cargo from one tropic island to another. Fly over a twisted track passing the control points. Complete missions, get prizes and buy new yachts.


Long road traffic racing 3D

Game description: Long road traffic racing 3D:

Long road traffic racing 3D – drive fast cars and show your racing skills on a busy road. Follow the road signs, go past all the cars traveling on a parallel course, and avoid collisions with various oncoming traffic in this Android game. Get behind the wheel of different brands of cars such as Ford, Mitsubishi, and so on. Drive at maximum speed and cross the distance in the shortest time possible, or just drive around in calm mode.


Ambulance helicopter simulator

Game description: Ambulance helicopter simulator:

Ambulance helicopter simulator – fly the ambulance helicopter over a huge megalopolis. Transport the injured people into the hospital. In this game for Android you are a professional helicopter pilot. Fly out to automotive accidents and other incidents. Pick up the victims and transport them to the hospital. Be careful, don’t crush into skyscrapers and other possible hazards during a flight. Watch your radar, fly by the shortest route possible, and remember that the time to complete each mission is limited.


Death moto 2

Game description: Death moto 2:

Death moto 2 – guide the biker speeding along the roads of a post apocalyptic world full of horrific zombies. Destroy monsters on your way. Help the hero get to your destination through deadly roads of this game for Android. Drive a racing motorcycle, avoid collisions with various obstacles on the track. Destroy zombies that appear on the road. Slice monsters with your sword and other weapons. Save money that you get for completing missions. Buy weapons and new motorcycles with unique characteristics and designs.


Crocodile attack 2016

Game description: Crocodile attack 2016:

Crocodile attack 2016 – help a hungry crocodile hunt. Go the a shore and attack humans and various animals. Get ready for the rage of the dangerous reptiles in this addictive game for Android. You’ll realize that the crocodile is the most fierce predator on the planet. Control the hero in the water. Turn boats and attack swimmers. Make the crocodile rush to the shore to catch one of the resting people. Explore the vast territory looking for new food for the crocodile.