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Airplane fighters combat

Game description: Airplane fighters combat:

Airplane fighters combat – fly fighters of different eras and take part in dynamic dogfights with strong enemies. Bring down enemy planes. In this game for Android you can take part in both battles of the Second World War era and in modern air combat. It doesn’t matter if you’re piloting a historical plane or an ultramodern jet fighter. You have to show all you’re capable of to become a real air ace. Do stunts, destroy enemy aircraft, carry out dangerous missions.


Snow buggy car death race 3D

Game description: Snow buggy car death race 3D:

Snow buggy car death race 3D – get into an armed car, rush along snowy tracks, destroy cars of your rivals and win deadly race. Get ready to participate in a death race on various tracks of this Android game. You will outrun your rivals as well as try to destroy them. Pull the trigger as soon as you catch the rival to your optical sight. Take rivals’ cars to parts firing from a heavy gun. Blast opponents with the help of rockets. Get to the finish first.


Creative destruction

Game description: Creative destruction:

Creative destruction – explore a large map divided into unique zones. Fight against enemies, change the battle field with the help of special equipment. In this Android game you are going to land a random point of the map with the size 4×4 kilometers. The map consists of 13 unique regions. You are armed with a manual destructor which will let you destroy any objects on the battle field. Besides, you can build fortifications which will help you in the battles against other players. Try to become the last survived in the battle against 100 players from all over the world.


Saint Seiya: Galaxy spirits

Game description: Saint Seiya: Galaxy spirits:

Saint Seiya: Galaxy spirits – go to find adventures together with legendary heroes having incredible abilities. Challenge the dark powers and various opponents in this Android game. Gather a team of heroes each being under the protection of one of constellations. Take part in dynamic battles against various enemies. Tap the screen to make use of powers of each of squad members. Team up with friends to take part in the team battles. Enlarge your collection of heroes.


Offroad truck driving simulator

Game description: Offroad truck driving simulator:

Offroad truck driving simulator – hold the wheel of a huge truck harder, move along the winding and dangerous roads and carry variuos cargoes. Feel what it’s like to be a professional truck driver in this interesting Android game. Get into the driver’s chair and drive a heavy truck forward. Watch the road, overcome hard turns, narrow bridges and other obstacles. Try not to crash your truck and successfully deliver the cargo to the destination point. Buy new trucks, which you will need to complete new missions.